Care Guidelines For Merino Wool

Care Guidelines

Hand Wash is absolutely essential to the longevity of the Shawl especially since it is a Woven item.

Merino wool is one of the higher quality wools, known for its exceptional softness. While Merino wool has the benefit of being largely wrinkle, odour, and stain-resistant, it still needs to be washed on occasion, especially when it has been soiled or heavily sweated on.

Different detergents are suited to different types of clothing. When washing wool, a neutral, mild detergent is suggested. Avoid using heavy-duty detergents, “Bio” detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches. Never use bleach, either chlorine or oxygen based, when washing wool

If powdered detergents are used, it is always best to pre-dissolve the detergent prior to adding to the wash. This helps to prevent concentrated specks of detergent from coming into contact with the clothes, which may cause holes.

Final rinse softeners or conditioners can be used, but care should be taken to keep the amount down to minimum. An excessive amount of softener can lead to the formation of pills during subsequent washes - this is because softeners tend to act as a lubricant and enable fibres to move out onto the surface of the item more easily.

Drying flat is preferred, or on the line for a quick result. Folding & storing on a shelf or cupboard is preferred to long term hanging.