Qualities of Merino Wool


Merino wool has a large capacity to absorb moisture vapour and sweat when worn next to the skin.


Merino wool is active, reacting to changes in one’s body temperature to keep the wearer warm when it’s cold yet releasing heat and moisture when it’s hot.


The natural elasticity and crimp of the Merino fibre means there is less chance of a garment sagging or losing its shape. Static resistant Merino wool’s moisture absorption qualities prevent the build up of static electricity. It is less likely to cling and will pick up less dust than other fabrics.

Flame resistant

A fabric made entirely of wool is naturally flame resistant. It will not ignite as easily as other fibres and burns slowly and it self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed. It is also safer than many fabrics because it does not soften, melt or drip at high temperatures.

UV protection

Merino wool has a naturally high UV protection. Machine washable Recent innovations mean many Merino wool garments can now be machine-washed and tumble dried.

Odour reducing

Merino wool fibres remove and lock in the odour molecules from sweat, which are then removed on washing.

Handle and drape

Australian Merino wool has excellent drape due to the fineness of the fibres, elasticity and resilience.


When dyed, a Merino wool garment is colourfast as the dye penetrates through to the core of the fibre and does not fade with washing.


Australian Merino wool comes in an abundance of textures, structures, weaves and weights. It is adaptable, flexible and tailors easily.