Our Values

Purity Rarity Luxury

Three words that say it all, these words reverberate my personal values & ethos that I believe in & am constantly endeavouring to apply. I hope that you will be able to see this reflected in my range & OM's business practices.

Our Range Is Ethical Sustainable & Traceable, Supported With 3 Certifications.

Woolmark: Sourcing Local Australian Merino Wool.

GOTS Certification: Chemical Free Dyes With High Standards Of An Eco-Friendly Production.

SA8000 Certification: Upholding Social Accountability Making My Collection Part OF The Fair Trade Model.

A genuine green message is becoming increasingly more relevant to the consumer, a concept which is being embraced by contemporary cultures with a consciousness to create smart living with our future environment & generations in mind. Wearing Nature’s Own Natural Fibres is also part of the ‘Environmentally Friendly’ option expressed by the modern consumer. Australian Merino wool ticks all these box's & more. It is one of the best Bio-Degradable Natural Materials on the planet. 

In essence, I endeavour to create a high end premium product that is Pure & Rare in its artistic value & also a Luxury that is available at affordable price points.